2M Programmable Fox-Or Transmitter

The 2 metre fox-or transmitter is a small low power transmitter which mounts in a small plasic pipe and runs off two AA batteries.  The board measures just 12mm by 70mm.

(Note: There is only a very limited number of these left. A new version has been designed that allows much better frequency agility. The pictured unit has 10 fixed channels and only 50kHz channel steps. The new one is programmable in 5kHz steps. But so far there has not been a lot of interest in it so it may not get past prototype stage unless I need a set of my own!)

2m fox-or tx pic

2m fox-or tx pic

The transmitter is programmable and covers selected frequencies between 144 to 148MHz. It has two power levels so that the transmitter can be used for regular micro foxhunts as well as limited distance fox-or-ing events.

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